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Holidays to Coburg

Coburg is a lively city, rich in tradition. The seat of power of the dukes of Saxony-Coburg and Gotha for a long time and the meeting place of European high nobility, the City became part of Bavaria only in 1920 by a referendum.  Nevertheless, the former residence has remained a lovely blend of Franconia and Thuringia.

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With the fortress towering high above the city, its art collections, Ehrenburg Castle and the State Theatre, Coburg houses cultural and art treasures of international renown. Coburg’s idyllic corner, stylishly restored Franconian half-timbered houses, medieval alleys, and lovingly created parks are an inspiration to take a stimulating stroll. Succumb to the charm of the historical city centre and enjoy the colourful happenings around the marketplace. Picturesque fountains, numerous boutiques and shops in the spacious pedestrian zone invite you to spend some time. You can meet in a social setting in the cosy cafes and restaurants. Under no circumstances should you miss trying the famous Coburg grilled bratwurst.

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Arrival Airport: Nuremberg | Transfer Time from airport: 2 hours (rail) / 1 hour 15 mins (driving) | 850km from Calais

(Information is approximate and subject to change / rail transfers are not always direct and may involve changing trains).

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