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Holidays to Trier

Trier is a magical city that transports you back to a time of Romans, cathedrals and plush markets. Founded in 16BC, it is the oldest city in Germany and a world heritage site with 8 monuments listed. It is the pride and joy of Germany, and with good reason.

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Immerse yourself in the surrounding history and get a real sense of what it would have been like to live in Roman times. Incredible Roman remains still exist which still have the power to astound. You can visit the world famous Porta Nigra or even see how the Romans entertained themselves at the Imperial Baths.

Despite its small size, you are never short of things to do. Apart from extensive Roman artefacts you can also discover masterpieces of the Romanticism, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque era. And if you have had your fill of historical treasures for one day, why not try browsing through the Hauptmarkt, which is the main market of Trier. This lively market is where European cultures and cuisines meet to produce an international flavour of sights, sounds and tastes. From restaurants and cafes to museums and music, there is always something to delight the senses. Cultural highlights include, the vibrant Mosel Musikfestival, the exhilarating Roman Spectacle “Brot und Spiel” (Bread and Circuses) and a number of delectable wine and city festivals. For shopaholics, there is the famous Christmas market, which is done in a distinctly German style.

For a more relaxed alternative, you can pay a visit to a number of wine towns in the picturesque Mosel Valley, with its golden and lush vineyards. Furthermore, Trier has a convenient location and is surrounded by three countries, giving you the chance to broaden your horizons. On its doorstep is Luxembourg, and the French border is only 30 minutes away by car. Belgium, too, is only a few minutes further.

Trier hosted a very special event in 2012.  Held within Trier Cathedrals’ ancient walls is Christ’s Seamless Tunic – which is the city’s most prized possession. And for a limited time only, it was on display as part of the Holy Robe Pilgrimage. Considering the tunic has only been displayed a handful of times and is usually hidden from the public in order to preserve it, this was a truly special event that should have been experienced by all.

So come and see this and more in the wondrous city of Trier. A place where beauty and history come alive.

What to do

  • Porta Nigra
  • Imperial Baths
  • Amphitheater
  • Forum Baths
  • Market Square
  • Church of our Lady
  • Roman Imperial Throne Room
  • Toy Museum
  • River Cruises


Arrival Airport: Luxembourg |  Transfer Time from airport: 40 mins (taxi) / 40 mins (driving)  | 450km from Calais

(Information is approximate and subject to change / rail transfers are not always direct and may involve changing trains).

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