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Holidays to Würzburg

For a picturesque stay in a delightful city, Würzburg could be right up your alley. Despite its compact size, it has everything you could possibly want for a short break. It’s a delightful wine city which attracts young and old alike, creating a heady mix of vibrancy, culture and fun.

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If you don’t want to tax the brain with a detailed itinerary, you can always spend a day idling outside one of the many quaint coffee shops. You can discover a lot about the people and the city this way. And Würzburg is worth discovering. The creation of the city itself goes back to the year 1000 BC when a Celtic stronghold was built atop the Marienberg, eventually creating a fortress of unbelievable might and beauty. With so much history on offer, there are always treasures to unearth.

One such place is the Residence Palace. As a former residence of the prince-bishops built in 1744, its opulent beauty is fit for royalty. And now, you can step back in time with a tour through its architectural wonders, marveling at the lavish staterooms, unique staircase and the largest ceiling painting in the world. Not to mention the extravagant Imperial Hall, which is the jewel in the crown of this amazing building. It’s no wonder it has been a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage site since 1981. The visual feasts don’t stop there. Würzburg can boast a rich artistic heritage, with the native sculptor Tilman Riemenschneider and architect Balthasar Neumann having their fingerprints all over the city.

The city is literally dripping with culture. Everywhere you look there are exhibitions, concerts and theatre shows all year round. Highlights include the colourful Africa Festival in May and the world-famous Mozart Festival in June/July. For sports enthusiasts, there is the Würzburg Marathon that attracts thousands every year, excellent biking and hiking trails and a professional golf course. With all this to see and do, you will inevitably build up quite an appetite and thirst.

Würzburg hosts a wide range of restaurants, pubs and wine festivals in the summer, giving visitors the chance to enjoy the excellent local Franconian cooking and wines. In fact, Würzburg is sometimes dubbed “Wine City”. Everywhere you turn there will be people spilling out of wine bars, supping, sipping and savoring the fine wines the city has to offer. Much like the wine’s taste, the city is flooded with a buzz that’s hard to replicate. And with vineyards surrounding the city, Würzburg is almost a prisoner to its fine wine. The only thing you can do is to indulge!

All photos: © Congress-Tourismus-Wirtschaft Würzburg

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