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Holidays to Erfurt

Located at the crossroads of two ancient trading routes, the Via Regia and the Nuremberg Geleitstrasse, Erfurt expanded during the Middle Ages to become a powerful centre of trade and learning. With a modern-day population of over 200,000, Erfurt remains the largest city in Thuringia and accessible to all.

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Matthias F. Schmidt © Stadtverwaltung Erfurt

“In the ideal location, there just has to be a city there” – this is how Martin Luther, the great Reformer, once described the city where he himself studied, and which is now the capital of Thuringia. A “picture book of German history” – this is how the German writer Arnold Zweig once described Erfurt’s charming old quarter, which has preserved much of its original medieval structure. Locals and visitors alike find themselves captivated by this jumble of atmospheric alleys and squares, brimming with charm, ambiance and a unique mediterranean character: a perfect place to while away the hours. As the region’s main urban centre, Erfurt is also a popular place to live and visit, and a favourite shopping destination.

What to do

  • Cathedral of St Mary
  • Church of St Severus
  • Merchants Bridge
  • Town Hall
  • The Luther Stone
  • German Horticultural Museum
  • Brühler Garten
  • Steiger Forest


Arrival Airport: Leipzig |  Transfer Time from airport: 2 hours (rail) / 1hr 20 mins (driving)  | 785km from Calais

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