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Tailor-made Holidays

Tailor-made/bespoke holidays to Germany for the independent traveller
– ideal for couples, families or groups of friends.

Whether you call them tailor-made or bespoke holidays, they are designed to meet your specific needs and wishes – and with a name like travel without borders we like to pride ourselves on our flexibility on what we can arrange for you in Germany. We work in unison with what you want; we do not force you to stay in particular hotels or travel on particular dates.

All we ask is that you give us as much information on your preferred mode of transport, standard and style of accommodation, the holiday interests of the party travelling, and any other factors which you feel would be helpful for us to put together just the right kind of holiday for you.

These holidays are the perfect answer for those of you who want a twin or multi-centre holiday, but want to avoid the hassle and time associated with arranging it yourselves, or for those of you who have never travelled to Germany before and would prefer a professional company to guide and recommend.

We create an individual holiday using our specialist knowledge.

From top end luxury to modest accommodation, by air with rail or hire car, taking your own car and crossing the channel by ferry or Eurotunnel, or even rail all the way from the UK – you choose – may be you have always fancied discovering one of Germany’s exclusive holiday islands or perhaps you want to tie in your trip with your special interest or one of the country’s special events. The holidays are suitable for any number of persons, but for larger groups we suggest turning to our page on group holidays.

Take a read of this typical dialogue at the Travel without Borders offices


Martina:          “travel without borders, may I help you?”

Mrs Baker:      “Hello.  I wonder if you could help us to organise a holiday to Germany?  We have never been before, but have heard it is very beautiful. In fact my best friend’s daughter is spending a year at Heidelberg University and they have just returned from a visit and say it is wonderful. We just don’t know where to start…”

Martina:          “Not to worry. Yes Germany has a lot to offer in terms of scenery and hospitality, but unfortunately it is still so undiscovered by the British.  It has a high number of repeat visitors, so once you have been and discovered it for yourself; you might want to go back again!  Anyway how would you like to travel – by air? Or did you want to travel by car?”

Mrs Baker:      “My husband has just bought himself a new car, so he wants to test it out on the German Autobahns, but I get seasick, so we don’t want to travel by ferry, we always use Eurotunnel.”

Martina:          “That’s no problem at all.  I forgot to ask, how many passengers will there be in total?”

Mrs Baker:      “Just the two of us, the kids have flown the nest now and we can focus on our interests for a change!”

Martina:          “So what are your interests and what would you like your holiday destination to offer?”

Mrs Baker:      “We both like walking in natural countryside and perhaps even hiring bikes. But we don’t want to overdo the active side, perhaps a river cruise..”

Mr Baker:        “I like history, but my wife likes shopping…”

Mrs Baker:      “Ha ha! I watched that “Hairy Bikers” programme on Germany and ever since have been desperate to try some of the real Black Forest gateau – it looked delectable…”

Mr Baker:        “I want to drink some good German beer!”

Mrs Baker:      “I prefer wine to be honest! Sorry, we are getting carried away; hope that is not too much to think about, what can you suggest? We have actually got about a fortnight’s holiday and prefer smaller hotels with character, nothing too flashy, but clean and comfortable with a nice ambience. May be 4-star?”

Martina:          “My initial thoughts are for you to start your holiday by driving to the stunning Mosel valley, which will break up the journey. It would be nice for you to stay in one of Germany’s prettiest villages full of half-timbered houses.  You can drink wine, may be even discover more about German wines by having the odd wine-tasting and you can take a relaxing trip on the river.  Then I would suggest driving south to the Black Forest for 4 nights, probably the southern Black Forest, where there are plenty of opportunities for cycling and rambling, not forgetting the chance to taste some authentic Black Forest cake! The third part of the holiday would be in Bavaria, say 4 nights, we can discuss further which resort would be most suitable, but there will beer gardens, shopping possibilities, countryside.  Then you could drive to Heidelberg for a couple of nights to discover the atmosphere of this world famous university town and finally to ensure that your return journey back to the UK is not too
tiring, I would recommend an overnight stay in Trier, Germany’s oldest city and full of Roman remains – and good shops!”

Mrs Baker:      “Wow, that all sounds fab– fortunately my husband likes driving, especially his new – German – car, so I can relax, take in the country side and just ensure the sat nav is working properly!  We are really interested in taking this holiday, so please can you e-mail a quote for us and we will look over the details and I am pretty sure that we will be sending  you a deposit..”

Martina:          “No problem at all.  It was nice talking to you.”


Tailor-made Holidays Enquiry

Travel without Borders is happy to receive your request by completing the form above or by e-mail and this is often the preferred method of communication, but should you feel you would like a discussion with a member of staff, please detail your phone number in the form above with the best time to call you and one of our tailor-made holiday experts will be happy to call you. (NB we are delighted to quote for serious enquiries, but the minimum requirement for such a holiday is transport from the UK and 2 nights’ accommodation; if accommodation only is required we require a minimum of 5 nights’ accommodation).