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Holidays to Celle

Founded over 700 years ago, Celle is quaint and traditional with half-timbered houses, yet also modern and vibrant.

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The contrasts in Celle form a harmonic entirety in which the past, the present and the future meet. Celle is a modern shopping town and a congress venue. The cultural heritage of the residential and half-timbered architecture which has survived the past centuries characterizes the town today.

Holidaymakers and visitors to the Luneburg Heath regard a trip to Celle as the highlight of their journey. There are over 500 half-timbered houses in the Old Town to admire which are lovingly restored and classified as historic monuments and leave behind a truly romantic and unforgettable impression. As a former residential seat Celle has a number of impressive buildings to offer.

What to do

  •  Ducal Palace
  • Town Church
  • French Garden
  • Palace Grounds
  • Bomann Museum
  • Synagogue
  • German Oil Museum
  • Lower Saxon Stud Farm


Arrival Airport: Hanover  |  Transfer Time from airport: 30 mins (rail) / 40 mins (driving)  |  680km from Calais

(Information is approximate and subject to change / rail transfers are not always direct and may involve changing trains).

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