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Holidays to Lindau (Lake Constance)

Take a break from everyday stress and enjoy a holiday on the island of Lindau on Lake Constance.

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Unforgettable – the view over the lake, lion and lighthouse, over the Swiss and Austrian Alps, over famous Lindau Harbour – enjoy the Mediterranean flair of the historic island city. Here you will find excellent cafés and historical sites, with manicured parks and pedestrian boardwalks inviting you to relax and unwind.

The enchanting, green-lined island and garden town, with its many beautiful historical buildings, the superbly preserved medieval old town on the island and famous harbour entrance, invites visitors to discover, explore and delve into the world and lives of our forefathers.

Lindau’s old town has retained much of its medieval character and boasts a host of historical places of interest.

What to do

  • Squares and fountains
  • Harbour entrance with Lighthouse & Lion
  • Garden Culture Trail
  • Alte Rathaus
  • Maximilianstrasse
  • Limare family and adventure pool
  • Boat Hire
  • Cavazzen Town Museum


Arrival Airport: Zurich  |  Transfer Time from airport: 1 hour 40 mins (rail) / 1 hour 30 mins (driving)  | 950km from Calais

(Information is approximate and subject to change / rail transfers are not always direct and may involve changing trains).

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