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Holidays to Aachen

Discover Aachen’s diversity – and enjoy the city of water and horses, well known through Charlemagne and famous for its “Printen” (spicy ginger bread). The 2000 year old imperial city presents itself as a cosmopolitan metropolis with historical flair.

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Olaf Rohl ©GNTB

Header photo: Gre7127 ©GNTB

The Aachen citizens proudly look back on their history as a Roman spa and imperial residence of Charlemagne. The cathedral, which in 1978 was recognized as the first UNESCO world cultural heritage in Germany and the town hall form the centre of the city. In the alleys of the old town many historical buildings relate to the vivid history of the town and yet time has not stood still.

The root of all fame is the water. The healing power of the hot thermal springs was crucial for Charlemagne’s decision, to make Aachen his favourite residence. The spa tradition is today continued by the Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen.

Boasting numerous cafés, pubs and restaurants, there is always something going on.

What to do

  • Cathedral and Cathedral Treasury
  • Town Hall
  • Elisenbrunnen
  • Casino
  • Numerous Spa Facilities
  • International Newspaper Museum
  • Charlemagne Tour
  • Excursion to the Eifel Region


Arrival Airport: Düsseldorf | Transfer Time from airport: 1 hour 35 mins (rail) / 1 hour 15 mins (driving) | 345km from Calais

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