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Holidays to Meersburg (Lake Constance)

The particularly attractive situation of Meersburg, which is built on a steep vineyard right by the lake, has been attracting tourists for centuries. It is said that the Merovingian’s raised the first fortress whose medieval appearance still marks the image of the town from far.

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Meersburg is a member of the “Deutsche Fachwerkstrasse” (German Framework Road), one of the major German tourist routes. The town owes its baroque silhouette to the prince bishops of Constance who built sumptuous castles with the participation of the famous baroque architect Balthasar Neumann. Around these representative constructions mostly open nowadays to visitors, you will find alleyways, the marvellous squares and panoramic view points of Meersburg. Here you will find pleasant cafés in summer and the terrace of the New Castle as well as the Fortress offer the most unimpeded outlook over the lake and the impressive alpine range.

Meersburg does not owe its popularity as a destination for holidays and excursions only to its picturesque situation and historical constructions. The comprehensive cultural programme, the many museums and the large number of leisure activities attract thousands of visitors each year.

What to do

  • Thermal Spring
  • Open-air swimming pool
  • Fortress / Old Castle
  • New Castle
  • City Museum
  • Wine Growing Museum
  • Harbour
  • Town Hall


Arrival Airport: Zurich  |  Transfer Time from airport: 2 hours (rail/boat) / 1 hour 30 mins (driving)  | 820km from Calais

(Information is approximate and subject to change / rail transfers are not always direct and may involve changing trains).

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