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Holidays to Regensburg

Writers, politicians, some of the greatest figures in world history have made surprising assertions about Regensburg. And they have been proved right. Famous men and women have instantly fallen in love with the city, have been captivated by friendly people, attractive views, fascinating buildings and the incomparable charm of Regensburg’s streets and squares. Take a deep breath now and preserve these moments of happiness.

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Practically unharmed in the Second World War, Regensburg is today regarded as Germany‘s only surviving mediaeval city. In 2006, the “Old Town of Regensburg with Stadtamhof” was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in recognition of its former political importance, its role as a mediaeval trading centre, and the outstanding quality of its urban architecture and structure.

After walking just a short way and allowing Regensburg’s magic to work upon you, you will sense that Regensburg would like to tell you a story. You should accept this offer since there aren’t many cities that are open and enthusiastic enough to share the full range of their experience with their guests.

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Arrival Airport: Munich  |  Transfer Time from airport: 1 hours 30 mins (rail) / 1 hour 15 mins (driving)  |  915km from Calais

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