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Rhine in Flames

Welcome to the enchanted world of firelight! On five magic summer nights an ever-changing kaleidoscope of lights erupts above the river and shimmering cascades of colour plunge into the romantic Rhine Valley.

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Come and enjoy the spectacle of a countryside illuminated in the radiance of the “Rhine in Flames”. On five occasions between May and September the river valley basks in thousands of red Bengal lights and magnificent hilltop firework displays.

“Rhine in Flames” between Spay and Koblenz – The biggest night out on the Rhine takes place every second Saturday in August. “Rhine in Flames” marks its arrival by lighting up the night sky between the Rhine village of Spay and Deutsches Eck in Koblenz where the Rhine and Moselle converge. This stunning pyrotechnic display, featuring colourful fountains, Catherine wheels and crackling comets, has enthralled visitors in their thousands for more than 50 years now.

The event begins with the first firework display in Spay. Just a short hop from the well-known Bopparder Hamm vineyards, this village is the starting point for the “Rhine in Flames” boat procession, which at 17km is the largest in Europe. A total of 76 ships provide some 22,000 passengers with mesmerising views of the castles, palaces and riverside promenades that are bathed in the glow of bengal lights.

The final display in Koblenz is to be soundtracked by music providing a fitting accompaniment to the spectacular, which lights up the sky above Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and Deutsches Eck, the confluence of Rhine and Moselle.