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The Eagle’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus) Experience

Immerse yourself in history with a trip to the world-famous ‘Eagle’s Nest’ situated in Berchtesgaden in the stunning Bavarian Alps.

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Whether you are looking for a solo travel experience or within a private group, Travel without Borders can provide you with a breathtaking journey from start to finish. Please bear in mind that due to its high elevation, the Eagle’s Nest is only open each year from about the middle of May through to the end of October; this can vary from year to year depending on weather conditions. 

In order to reach the town of Berchtesgaden you can fly to Munich and then hop on a train or hire a car, or if you have time for a longer trip, you could take your own car and include the Eagle’s Nest as part of an independent car touring holiday – all arranged by Travel without Borders.

Sample Packages for the Independent Traveller by Air

(Please refer to the Important Notes below.  All packages can be adapted to Self-Drive and Air-Rail packages)

“Up to the Eagle’s Nest” for 1- 8 persons

  • Flight from London Heathrow to Munich (other airports are available)
  • Standard return rail travel from airport to Berchtesgaden (car hire option)
  • 2 night’s bed & breakfast accommodation in your preferred accommodation (2- 5-star hotels) in Berchtesgaden
  • Half-day private guided tour of Eagles Nest, Obersalzberg & Documentation Centre

Price per person on request

“Up to the Eagle’s Nest and beyond” for 1- 8 persons

  • Flight from London Heathrow to Munich (other airports are available)
  • Car hire (economy size) for duration of stay
  • 4 nights’ bed & breakfast accommodation in your preferred accommodation in Berchtesgaden or in the beautiful surrounding area of the Bavarian Alps
  • Half-day private guided tour of Eagles Nest, Obersalzberg & Documentation Centre
  • Boat ride on the stunning lake Koenigssee in the Berchtesgaden region
  • Visit of the salt mines in Berchtesgaden

Price per person on request

Sample Package for Private Groups

(from 9 -50 persons)(Please refer to the Important Notes)

Eagle’s Nest & Dachau

  • Return flight from London Heathrow to Munich (other airports available)
  • Transfer to hotel in the elegant spa town of Bad Reichenhall (approx. 15 miles from Berchtesgaden)
  • 3 nights’ half-board accommodation in 4-star hotel
  • Half-day private guided tour of Eagle’s Nest, Obersalzberg & Documentation Centre
  • Boat trip on stunning Lake Koenigssee in Berchtesgaden region
  • Visit of salt mines in Berchtesgaden
  • Guided tour of Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial site near Munich

Price per person on request

Eagles Nest Private Guided Tour

On an independent package organised by Travel without Borders, guests can enjoy a private four hour, educational exploration of the broad history of the Eagle’s Nest with an exclusive three-part tour. It starts with the story of Obersalzberg, where you will be shown one of the underground bunker complexes below the mountain after a short tour in the Documentation Centre. 

You will then board a specially equipped mountain bus for a breathtaking drive up the 4-mile road with its 27% incline to a high mountain car park, just below the Eagle’s Nest. Finally, the original brass-lined elevator will transport you in 41 seconds up through the heart of the Kehlstein mountain straight into the building itself. Enjoy the impressive views!

About The Eagle’s Nest

Situated atop of the Kehlstein Mountain, 1834 metres above sea level, sits the Kehlsteinhaus or D-House (The D stands for Diplomat).  After being renamed by the American allies as the ‘Eagles Nest’, this exciting and history-steeped location is now renowned as a symbol of NS ideology and as being one of the most impressive and interesting buildings constructed under Martin Bormann. 

Several thousand were hired to work in treacherous conditions and under strict time constraints to complete the colossal project, which cost the huge sum of around 30 million Reichsmarks. The road from Obersalzberg to the Eagle’s Nest car park, more than 6 km in length, and built exclusively for the Eagle’s Nest, is considered a feat of engineering, as it was blasted out of solid rock in only 13 months. It leads from Hintereck up to a height of 1700 metres and connects with a 124-metre-long vertical tunnel built into the rocky plateau and then leads to a lift. The brass-panelled lift covers another 124 metres and was originally designed to transport Adolf Hitler in comfort to the mountain- top residence. 

Behind the house sits the magnificent Hoher Goell, which gives the scenery an extremely alpine character, a fitting location to serve as accommodation for eminent guests. However, although the house was gifted to Hitler in the summer of 1938 by the National Socialist Party (NS) as a special 50th birthday present, he rarely stayed there. It was to serve as accommodation for high-ranking guests and was never used for military purposes. The Eagle’s Nest was spared being blown up after the war and today it remains in its original state and is used as a mountain restaurant.


Dates – the above packages are not linked to any particular dates, however, due to its high elevation, the Eagle’s Nest is only open from about mid-May through to the end of October.  It is closed in the winter.  If you wish to travel in the winter we are able to offer a private Obersalzberg, Documentation Centre & Bunker tour, subject to availability. 

Flexible arrangements – All the above independent and group packages are flexible and can be mixed and matched if feasible or can be tailor-made to your exact requirements.  The sample packages for the independent traveller are not subject to a minimum number of participants, though they are based on two persons travelling together, so if you are a solo traveller we can provide you with the single supplement. 

Flights – Direct flights to Munich currently include the following airports: London Heathrow; London Gatwick; London Stansted; London Luton; Birmingham; Manchester; Newcastle; Bristol, Cardiff, however routes change constantly, so please ask us for your preferred airport and we will check for you.

The prices include hand luggage only.

Self-Drive/Air-Rail/Rail holidays -these holidays can also be taken as self-drive, air-rail or rail holidays.

Eagle’s Nest – The half-day guided tour for the independent traveller is private and as such you will be transported in a van.  The van can transport up to 4 people, however, we have based the cost of 2 people travelling together – naturally, if  4 of you travel together this price will be reduced.  For parties of 5-8  participants transport is in an 8 passenger minibus.

Please note that for technical reasons we are unable to include the cost of the mountain bus nor admission fee to the Documentation Centre, but these ancillary costs will be supplied to you on booking.

Please note that for World War 2 history buffs we can extend the guided tour to a full day to give you the full experience of the Third Reich in Berchtesgaden with sights of your choice.

Accommodation – for the independent traveller we can offer a wide variety of hotel options in Berchtesgaden, subject to availability.  To experience the true atmosphere of the era we are sometimes able to offer rooms in a historical hotel in Obersalzberg, however, you need to be prepared for authenticity rather than comfort.  On the other end of the spectrum, we can offer deluxe accommodation in the modern 5 -star hotel built slightly further up the mountain.  Naturally, we can offer 3-star hotels and 4-star hotels in the town of Berchtesgaden or in the surrounding area if you have a car.


  • Bavaria – Nuremberg, Munich and Berchtesgaden
  • Across Germany –  Berlin, Colditz Castle, Nuremberg, Eagle’s Nest, Munich and  Dachau Memorial