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Holidays to Augsburg

Augsburg, the third largest city in Bavaria, was founded by the Romans and is one of the oldest cities in Germany. Most recently in 2019 its historic Water Management System – with 22 stations – was granted UNESCO World Heritage. Located on the Romantic Road it offers a splendid location and numerous places of interest.

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It is a city brimming with cultural, historical and architectural treasures, not to mention the green surrounding countryside. Sights include the great seven storey Renaissance Rathaus (Town Hall), the famous Augsburg puppet theatre, the magnificent Augustusbrunnen fountain, erected in honour of the Roman Emperor from whom the city derived its name, the Cathedral with five windows of the oldest stained glass in Germany and the Fuggerei  social housing complex “like a town within a town”. There are so many reminders of the ancient Romans who founded Augsburg more than 2000 years ago. The Renaissance in particular flourished here and Rococo became so prevalent that it became known as “Augsburg” style.

Linked to the splendid history of Augsburg are the names Jakob Fugger, the business magnet, Leopold Mozart, composer and the father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born in Augsburg and retained his citizenship of the town throughout his life, and not forgetting the famous twentieth-century writer and playwright, Bertolt Brecht.

Augsburg is a city which owes its present appearance to its prosperity as a European finance metropolis during the Renaissance, it is a city which is alive with an almost Italian flair. Discover for yourself the nooks and crannies of the town – the city walls, idyllic old town, the canals… and during Christmas Market time the city really comes alive and offers one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets

All photos: @Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH

What to do

  • City Hall and Golden Hall
  • Perlach Tower
  • Fuggerei
  • Augsburg’s waterways
  • Cathedral
  • Three magnificent fountains
  • Fugger City Palace
  • Schaezler Palace
  • St. Ulrich’s Churches
  • Brecht House
  • Puppenkiste (puppet theatre)


Arrival Airport: Munich  |  Transfer Time from airport: 1 hour (rail) / 1 hour (driving)  |  910km from Calais.

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