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Holidays to Zell-Mosel

Zell-Mosel is home to the famous wine-estate “Zeller Schwarze Katz” (“Zell’s Black Cat”) but why is a black cat so inextricably associated with the town? Practically every town and village in the Rhine and Moselle Valleys has its own legend; Zell-Mosel boasts “The secret of the Black Cat Wine”. Come to Zell and discover the story.

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The town’s famous statue is indeed a Black Cat Fountain, situated in the heart of the town and the focal point of numerous events and festivals, however there are black cats all over the town, on houses, signposts, souvenirs, car stickers – but especially on wine bottles.

​For the “Schwarze Katz” is the emblem of Zell’s world-famous wine, a noble golden liquid that is to be sipped rather than slurped! Zell had always been considered a Roman settlement, not least because of its name – Cella – however this was only officially confirmed in 1978 during some canalisation works that revealed extensive Roman finds.

​Zell received its town charter back in 1222, and still has houses and roadside chapels, parts of which date back to around 1140. It is guarded by a centuries- old watchtower high above its rooftops.

​Today Zell is an ideal spot to relax and savour the true character of the Moselle region and its people; a genuine working wine-town unspoilt by mass tourism. Its charming pedestrian street, solid buildings and dignified promenade running beside the calm and level waters of the Moselle create an atmosphere that refreshes body and spirit.

At a more practical level, Zell offers several satisfying outdoor pursuits: swimming and fun for the whole family at the modern outdoor pool with giant slide, beach volleyball, whirlpool and a lawned area for sunbathing. You can join a Segway tour and feast your eyes over the valley’s fantastic panorama from the Marienburg; or if you fancy a challenge, then why not try the “Moselsteig” marked hiking trail, certified as a “Leading Quality Trail – Best of Europe” by the European Walking Association.

What to do

  • “Zell’s Black Cat” Fountain
  • Round Tower
  • Collis Tower vantage point
  • Oldest houses in Zell
  • Mosaic depicting the town’s history
  • Museum of wine & local history
  • Zell’s Black Cat themed hiking trail
  • Castle of Zell-Mosel (1307-1543)
  • Marienburg’s  panorama
  • Erlebnisbad Zeller Land open-air pool


Arrival Airport: Luxembourg  |  Transfer Time from airport: 1 hour 30 mins (driving)  | 475km from Calais

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