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British-German Royal Heritage Route

Travel without Borders in partnership with the German National Tourist Board is delighted to present to you the British – German Royal Heritage Route. This is a route which takes you on a journey of discovery to magnificent palaces, beautiful parks and wonderful gardens.

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​Castle Church St Marien on Island Mainau, Lake (Owner – DZT e.V. | Photographer – Foto-Design Ernst Wrba)

Header photo: Coburg Fortress (Owner DZT e.V.| Photographer Christof Herdt)

The connections between Great Britain and Germany’s Royal Families go back to more than 300 years. The first Hanoverian King of England was only 52nd in line to the throne, but thanks to the Act of Settlement, George was the nearest Protestant eligible to take the crown. Not so long ago Germany was ruled by an astonishing 22 monarchies, including four kingdoms, eleven duchies and seven principalities.

If you would like to discover the Royal Heritage Route independently and at your own pace, then Travel without Borders will be happy to arrange a suitable itinerary for you. The following is a sample itinerary, but we are happy to tailor-make an itinerary to mirror your passion and interests in this regal route. (Naturally other airports or travelling in your own car are options too).

Example Itinerary

Discover Coburg and More

If you wish to discover Coburg with its famous Veste Fortress, Callenberg Castle and Ehrenburg Palace, not forgetting the nearby Rosenau Castle, then why not let us arrange this for you in such a way that allows you to visit other beautiful castles, parks and gardens too.

Day 1 & Day 2

Flight to Zurich, pick up hire car. Discover the beautiful Gardens of Lake Constance. Lake Constance has ten gardens and a whole lot more. Take a trip through the history of garden culture: gardens and parks with breathtaking views bring to life the region’s rich history. The town on Lake Constance has managed to keep itself true to the long-standing traditions of trade and culture right up until the present day, adding many new aspects along the way. Spend 2 nights in this region.

Mainau Flower Island, Lake Constance

Sigmaringen Castle on the Danube, Sigmaringen (Owner DZT e.V. | Photographer Keute, Jochen)

Day 3

Drive to Coburg, stopping en route at Sigmaringen Castle. It is assumed that an early Roman and Alemannic settlement already existed on the crag over the Danube, but possible remains stay well hidden under the medieval castle walls. For hundreds of years the European aristocracy met at Sigmaringen Castle and the family of Hohenzollern still owns the castle today.

Spend 5 Nights in Coburg

Nearby excursions of interest include Würzburg and Bamberg. Coburg is a lively city, rich in tradition. With the fortress towering high above the city, its art collections, Ehrenburg Castle and the State Theatre, Coburg houses cultural and art treasures of international renown. Würzburg is a special mix of culture and ambiance, of world heritage and wine festivals, of modern and classical music, of avant-garde and age-old traditions, of sciences and party atmosphere that makes this town so popular. The stunning historical architecture provides the perfect setting for everything Würzburg has to offer. Bamberg’s well-preserved Old Town comprises three historical districts – the episcopal town, the island town and the market gardener’s town. All three are part of the UNESCO World Heritage site and provide a fascinating example of how central European towns were built up around the basic layouts established in the early Middle Ages.

Ehrenburg Castle, Coburg

Frankfurt Opera House (Owner DZT e.V.Photographer Krüger, Torsten)

Day 8

Travel back towards Frankfurt spending your final night at the deluxe Schlosshotel Kronberg (Castle Hotel) near the financial capital of Germany. Most people associate Frankfurt with brokers, banks, stocks and shares – and they wouldn’t be wrong, but there is much more to the city than just big business. Frankfurt does, after all, have an unrivalled museum scene and offers a wide range of cultural activities.

Day 9

Flight back from Frankfurt – Main airport.