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Augsburg Plärrer Volksfest

The Augsburg Plärrer is the largest “Beer Festival” in Bavarian Swabia and is just an hour away from the city of Munich. It is also the perfect alternative to the Oktoberfest if you want to stay in Bavaria and experience the atmosphere of a true German festival but are daunted by the crowds and the vastness of the Munich Beer Festival. Get out your “Dirndl” and “Lederhosen” and celebrate with the locals in Augsburg!

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The Augsburg Plärrer has a tradition-steeped history stretching back a thousand years and nowadays its popularity means it takes place twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Autumn and for two weeks each time. On Fridays there is a large firework display and to kick start the Autumn Plärrer on the first Saturday a big Parade takes places through the city to the festival grounds.

There are currently three “beer festival tents”, one with a lovely beer garden, however the latest addition is actually an alpine hut on two floors and all in all up to 2,500 people can be seated in these “marquees”, which offer live music and array of typical festival food and drink, in addition to Bavarian delicacies.

Outside of the fun-filled festival tents there are more attractions, with the latest and naturally long-standing fairground rides, games stalls for the young and old, tasty snacks and of course too much to tempt those with a sweet tooth!