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How a Bespoke Tour Operator Can Give You The Trip of a Lifetime

Contrary to popular belief, there should be no “one size fits all” when it comes to travel. Each holiday should bring with it its own unique experiences for the individual based on their preferences, needs and wants. Therefore, a bespoke tour operator will ensure that your trip is tailor-made to the finest detail to suit you and what you want from your travelling experience.

A bespoke tour operator will listen carefully to your desires to formulate a carefully designed individual trip which will work with your budget and produce you the best experience possible. These tailor-made trips are not just targeted at couples, families, groups of friends, but also large – and small – private groups, be it wine clubs or military history enthusiasts!Tour operator specialists with expert knowledge on your ideal destination are on hand to give you the trip of a lifetime. These experts will have travelled to this destination many times themselves and in some cases will have even lived there, to ensure that you get an authentic travel service.

Keep reading to discover how a bespoke tour operator can offer you the tailor-made holiday of a lifetime.

What Is a Bespoke Tour Operator?

A bespoke tour operator will provide a travel service in which each and every service they create is unique. Each journey we take should play a significant part in the larger story of our lives. Instead of offering a “package holiday” deal, you will be listened to and given the freedom to design your own personal experience under the guidance of a travel specialist.

Ultimately, through working with a bespoke tour operator you will discover that a trip is far more than simply where you stay and what you see. Instead, it is a wholly personal experience which should be prepared in a wholly personal way. From deluxe multi-centre holidays covering the famous spots all along the country to more relaxing trips which let you soak in the atmosphere of the land’s beautiful landscape regions, Germany is the ideal choice for those wanting a unique experience.

Specialists are on hand to design a trip around your personal experience. Unlike going through commercial travel agents, this service will show you the location of your choice in a brand new light, personal to your own needs. They will expose you to experiences and introduce you to places that others may have missed out on.

How Does the Process Work?

The first step is to contact your bespoke tour operator so that they can learn exactly what type of unique experience you are after.

It is up to you whether you gather some inspiration from our destinations first, or alternatively discuss your wants with one of our specialists straight away, to help define the best journey for you.

Three of the most popular destinations we offer are Berlin, the pulsating capital of Germany, the beautiful and diverse state of Bavaria and the world-famous town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which is located along one of Germany’s most famous tourist routes, the Romantic Road.

Another way in which you can begin your bespoke tour operator journey is through building your journey around any special interests you have. By explaining what particular type of holiday you desire, our tour operators can begin to narrow down exactly what unique experience is right for you.

For those who are interested in a Moselle wine experience, the fine wine & dining experience is a particularly exciting option in which you can stay in a family-run hotel owned by a local vintner within Ediger-Eller, one of the most charming villages across the whole of Germany,

There are beautiful holiday experiences to be had for those are lovers of the beautiful game itself. You will be able to challenge yourself against local Augsburg teams and relive that classic rivalry between the English and German national teams. Unique, intimate football tours of the likes of Baravia’s WWK Arena (home of FC Augsburg) and Bayern Munich’s world-renowned Allianz Arena will also give you the chance to follow in the footsteps of some of the most legendary German footballers of all time.

For those interested in experiencing one of the most remarkable chapters from WWII, the Colditz Castle experience is a remarkable trip which will offer you a historic insight into a segment of German history.

It is important to bear in mind that these specialist interests are merely starting points for designing your holiday of a lifetime. There are many other ways in which we will work with you when designing your itinerary, including accommodation, food preferences, travel details and much more.

What Happens After I Have Chosen a Destination?

Deciding on your destination is only a small part in the bespoke tour operator service experience. After this, your travel specialist will work with you to turn your desires and needs into a detailed itinerary. You won’t need to book until you are 100% happy with the tailor-made holiday on offer to you.

After booking, you can of course get in touch with your bespoke tour operator specialist with any further questions or queries about the trip. Before travelling, we will ensure that you are fully accustomed with the itinerary and what you need to do to prepare.

Travel Without Borders Bespoke Holidays

Travel Without Borders are big believers in offering customers the freedom to design and experience their own unique holiday experience. Germany is the perfect destination to facilitate this freedom, with a diverse range of picturesque holiday resorts, historic cities, unspoilt landscapes and luxury hotels and guest houses available.

Travel without Borders, a bespoke tour operator will ensure that you are no longer restricted by “off the shelf” package holidays and will plan you a unique trip that you will never forget. If you would like assistance in designing the German trip of a lifetime then please get in touch.

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